Monday, March 3, 2008

Tips for Starting Your Garden Right

From the Spring 2001 newsletter
photo by William Billium, used under Creative Commons license

Don’t plant everything on the same day. Cool season veggies like spinach, peas, and lettuce can be planted in May, but sun lovers like tomatoes and beans do better planted after Memorial Day (Southeast Michigan’s average last frost day fall on May 21).

Mulch is your friend. You might like weeding now, but in August it will be less fun. Apply a thick layer of hay, grass clippings etc. to your garden after the soil has warmed up to squash weeds before they get started. If you have questions about mulch, please contact the office at 996-3169

If you’ve grown your own seedlings, remember to “harden them off” before planting them out in the garden. Get your plants used to the great outdoors by gently introducing them to outside conditions—start with a few hours in the shade and gradually increase the amount of time and sunlight that the plants receive.

Transplant seedlings on a cool or cloudy day to reduce shock. Remember to water well after transplanting.

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