Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gardeners Save Seeds and the World!

The Environment Report on Michigan Radio ran a great little piece recently about the surge of interest in organic and heirloom seed varieties. Choices as simple as this help maintain the diversity of fruits and vegetables and help ensure our food security now and into the future. So, don your superhero cape, sit down with your seed catalog, and carry on!

(Don't forget about Project Grow's great heirloom seed collection, too! And we offer some terrific classes on seed saving and gardening with heirloom vegetables. If seeds aren't your thing, you can always wear that cape to the Spring Plant Sale in May.)

Photo courtesy of Devo(lutio)n. For more pictures, check out Project Grow's photo pool on Flickr.

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Hydroponica said...

This is great.

I'm not strictly an heirloom gardener, but I love to combine them and hybrids. Each in their place, to their individual strengths. Kind of a "time for all things" philosophy.

The one thing the hybrids just don't have is the sheer variety of heirlooms. I'm glad people are working to preserve our horticultural history.