Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gardening and Conservation

Looking for some simple ways to be green while saving some "green"? These ten steps offer some great suggestions that result in conservation of all kinds. Steps Nine and Four - Plant a Vegetable garden and Reduce Waste (with a compost bin!) - were a couple of our favorites along with the rain barrel, and alternative lawn covers. And, with all that great garden produce you can invite your friends to eat out at your place!

And don't feel shy about getting started. Upcoming Project Grow classes will get you to your greenest summer yet!

Building Your Own Hoophouse and Winter Seed Sowing - Two classes that offer some good basic information on ways to get an early start on the season as well as extending it a bit longer. Both offered on Saturday, February 7th for a day of gardening excitement in the heart of winter!

Introduction to Organic Gardening - Cheaper than using artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides this class on Saturday, February 21st will further green your green thumb and show you all the fun there is to be had with organic gardening.

Container Gardening and Raised Beds - From Vegetables to Flowers - Even if you don't have loads of room - maybe only a small patio, balcony, or yard - you can still grow some of your favorite vegetables and flowers in a tight space. Great for low-vision or mobility-impaired gardeners, too, join us on Saturday, February 28th to learn some tricks of the trade.

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