Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Few Seeds and a Little Good Dirt

A recent editorial by Verlyn Klinkenborg in the NewYork Times asks readers to consider that we might be on the verge of a new gardening movement. Like the Victory Gardens that filled available space during World War II, Klinkenborg suggests that while this new garden movement may not solve every problem they could offer a much needed salve. 

The empowerment one can find in growing the food that later graces your table and is given to friends and family is priceless. The satisfaction of preserving it for the winter months could perhaps be calculated, but only in part. 

And perhaps best of all, is the community that gardening can create. The shared produce and the shared experience - new gardeners seeking out the wisdom of the experienced as they green their thumbs or simply bumble their way to bushels of zuchini -  could, as Klinkenborg posits, alleviate the alienation that plagues so many.

Just a few seeds, a little good dirt, sprinkled regularly with good advice throughout the season yields more than a good potluck dish. A feeling of accomplishment and connectedness come with the frozen pesto stored up for chilly evening pasta. Come on out, and we'll help get you started.

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