Friday, March 27, 2009

The Flavor of the Garden

The seed catalog is well-thumbed and a diagram is done of what will be growing this season in the garden patch. The next question is how will it taste? Everyone from Michelle Obama to Slow Food says that organically grown and heirloom varieties are the tastiest things going, and super good for you, too. But what does that really mean? What if it's a rainy summer? What if a friend shares a bumper load of composted sheep manure with you? Does it matter if you do lasagne gardening and your neighbor doesn't? What happens if those fruits and veggies get canned or frozen? Does that postively or negatively impact their flavor?

To answer all of these questions (and possibly more!) comes Mark Baerwolf, manager of Cornman Farms. Over at Cornman, Mark raises some of the vegetables (many from the Ark of Taste) used at Zingerman's Roadhouse by Chef Alex and crew to create some superb local dishes. The first seedlings went into the ground in the Spring of 2007, and the farm has been going strong ever since. 

Join us this Saturday to glean from Mark's experience to enhance the flavor of your own garden!

Cultivating Flavor
Saturday, March 28th
10am - 11am
Leslie Science and Nature Center
1831 Traver Road

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