Saturday, May 9, 2009

Think Outside the Box

Gardening isn't just for squares...or rectanagles or any other specific shape, for that matter. The shape the garden takes is really limited only by the space available and the gardener's imagination. As you plan for where to put all those lovely seeds and seedlings this spring, try thinking beyond the usual rows and rectangles. Incorporate perennials as well as annuals - edible and flowering both - to attract pollinators and encourage visitors to stay for a moment. A beautiful nasturtium blossom in the cool of the evening while snacking on a just-picked cherry raspberry sounds like a perfect dessert!

Looking for some plants to put in that new bed? Don't forget about the upcoming Project Grow plant sales!

Friday, May 8th through Sunday, May 10th
Join us for three days of fun, learning, and great plants!

Saturday, May 16th
Grab a cup of coffee, talk to us about your garden, and see what great heirlooms we have to tempt you!

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