Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ann Arbor Eggs

A reader raised a great question about Ann Arbor eggs. If you don't want (or your neighbors are a bit hesitant to agree to let you have) chickens in your backyard, is it possible to get your hands on some neighborhood eggs?

Here are a couple things that might be helpful resources.

Ann Arbor Chickens are on Facebook. Post the question to the group. Might I also suggest also offering a trade as a bit of a carrot? For example, if you've got a garden offer some veggies or better yet to clean out the coop in the spring and haul off the manure for your garden! (Take a look at the Project Grow Facebook page while you're there, too!)

Ann Arbor City Chickens is a web site dedicated to, well, Ann Arbor City Chickens. Check them out for ideas, some reference materials, and ideas for supplies.

Peruse the Ann Arbor (including the Westside Market!) and Ypsilanti Farmers Markets and look for community eggs. There's an ever-growing list of producers present, so it's worth investigating.

And now I'm hoping for ideas from all of you! Any leads on getting your hands on neighborhood eggs? Got neighborhood eggs you want to share? Give a shout and let us know!

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