Monday, April 6, 2009

Edible Landscaping Ideas

We've talked before about edible landscaping, and with Spring fast-aproaching we thought we'd throw out a few more ideas to turn your yard into a veritable Garden of Eatin'.

This nice little article from Gardener's Supply offers some excellent ideas and tips for adding edible perennials like asparagus, blueberries, and raspberries to your yard. Strawberries, both the native cultivar and the straight-up eating kind, make a tasty ground cover for you and your wildlife friends. Organic Gardening offers a nice little list of other fruits that could be incorporated quite easily into your yard - apples to kiwis to grapes - for an edible landscape.

Perhaps the key thing to remember when choosing plants, trees, or shrubs to increase the "edibility" of your landscape is local. Look around at the Farmer's Market to see what's on offer to get ideas, and don't forget native varieties - Serviceberry and American Plum - offer tasty treats, too.

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