Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seed Starting Thoughts

Spring is when those seed packets are the most irresistible. Even if one of those last snow showers obscures the view outside the window, the picture on the packet is enough to draw me in and on to summer's warmer shores. If you've got a bundle of seed packets and need to get them started on their way to the garden, here are some useful resources to help you both get there.

Seed to Shining Seed
How could we not start this list with a class led by our very own Royer Held and Tom Sheper? Two experienced gardeners will take you from start to finish sharing how they achieve success growing tomatoes and peppers from seed as well as harvesting. Join us Saturday, April 4th for this treasure trove of fun and information.

Seedstarting Made Easy
This comprehensive article from Gardener's Supply covers containers, different kinds of potting mixes along with what they are made of, good seeds for beginners, troubleshooting tips, and so much more.

Starting Seeds Indoors
Another good article from covers many of the same basics, but also has two handy charts covering seeds that need special attention like soaking or scarification. It also offers a handy list of those that prefer to germinate with or without light.

Ten Seed Starting Tips
Fine Gardening offers a nicely detailed article for starting seeds as well as saving them, too. An extra feature offered here are a series of videos as well as a reading list.

Jump-Start Your Garden Today
This blog post from Get Rich Slowly about seed starting is, again, comprehensive, but also offers lots of good photos illustrating different techniques. Check out their list of other useful posts for more gardening tips, too.

Local and Not Electronic Resources, Too!
Downtown Home and Garden offers a wide variety of seeds and seed starting materials, not to mention a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The Ann Arbor Farmer's Market is simply chock full of folks who together comprise a veritable encyclopedia of gardening information. Plus, if your seeds don't quite pan out you could probably find a lovely seedling of your favorite tomato at one of their stalls along with sympathy and empathy for your plight!

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