Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garden Tally

We all garden for a number of different reasons, but most likely one of the really big ones is having that favorite vegetable fresh for the dinner plate. Or for canning up a tasty tomato sauce recipe. Or just the satisfaction of growing the food that graces the table for some portion of the year. Or maybe this is the year you're looking for a few good reasons to start gardening!

Ever wonder just how much food is produced from that little plot? Well, Emily over at Eat Close to Home shared her formula for figuring out how much food comes pouring out of her gardens each year.

The bounty one space can produce is really impressive, and while calculating the savings reaped might be tedious it's well worth the effort, too. So, consider turning that lawn into a garden like Fritz Haeg suggests and be part of a burgeoning green economy!

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